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by No Touching

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The temperature is rising in the room, more people file in, it doesn't get any better. I start to pull my hair and concentrate on you, the walls, and me, And how much we need this. But there's the old bait and switch, The very oldest trick, The very oldest trick in the book, Made you look The area around your eyes gets dark We pull up and you park, it doesn't get any better. I reach in to grab our gear, and concentrate on you; The sky is blue, So how do we defeat this? Defeat the old bait and switch. The very oldest trick. The very oldest trick in the book.
Any Minute 02:14
What a way to start the day, Man, my gums are really sore. I could use my body but, I don't really know what for. I could wake up any minute Tried to stay still to recall my dreams. The last thing i saw was a baby you. Are we ever gonna feel like friends? Are you even trying to? Ooh.
I'm lying down on your sofa with the "Cold Wet Towel Blues." I've got my hot water bottle, my cold cream, and old house shoes. I cry alone with my stories and these "Cold Wet Towel Blues." On the phone with my girlfriends, I've smoked away the afternoon. I'm sending all your guests away and wishing them the best. You know how I get sometimes. You know how I get when I'm off my meds. AHAHAHAHA!
Vague Rant 03:05
Sure, I seem mad right now, That's 'cause looks can be deceiving. Don't try to look that way, ' When I tell you that I'm leaving I'm searching for A truth That isn't worth believing. I'm not used to giving up what you've been receiving Feeling like a vagrant vagrant Vague rant. Let's take a break or a walk, Because this has been unnerving. I never know what i want and i need, The lines are blurring. I never take the wheel, I get tired of the swerving I'm not used to giving up what you've been deserving.
UR = UO 01:58
You spent it all, there's no escape. What once was shelter is now just real estate. Don't act brand new, you know what it is! Dig your own grave and then teach your kids I'm not throwing "slave" around, but know you're no one without something to sell. I'm not telling you your life. I'm just showing you my hell. You are what you owe.
Book 02:26
I know it doesn't mean a thing, But if you let it, I will too Raise your expectations! It's not an easy gift to bring to the table, but let's try. I'm going to be there, You know I'll take a deeper look, As long as you're an open book. Oooh, ya know ya got me hooked. Oh yeah. It's gibberish we both made up, But if you read it, I'll give you one hell of an ending. I hope it isn't too abrupt When you've been reading for so long, You never wanna finish.
*bear with me on this one. if you play punk, there's a good chance you had a punk/ska phase. i wanted to write my last punk/ska song* Skinhead Ray called me up, "Drop everything! I don't give a shit about your family! Did you know The English Beat are at Trees? It's goin' down!" I said, "My shins ain't what they used to be." "Remember when The Two-Tone Warriors would represent the Black and White?" The Old Rude Van looked the same. To my surprise, he kept that checker racing strip. For me, this was a trip back in time, a getaway but that's not the case for Skinhead Ray, his remember whens, tall tales of us as younger men all glossed by time. He said, "Ska's not dead. No! Ska's not dead. Ska will never be dead to me. Ska's not dead. It's just in your head. SKA WILL NEVER BE DEAD TO ME." I'm skankin as I'm thinking that nostalgia's such a trip. You let go of something but not everyone is through with it. He said, "Ska's not dead."


All songs by Gage/Nelson

Music Video by Ian McKenyon


released August 7, 2015

Elana - vox, bass
Philip - vox, guitars
Jesse - drums, backing vox

recorded by Jesse
art by Elana
mastered at Civil Recording

thank you to Heather, Priscilla, Kiera, Randy, Nick, Christian, Michael, Evan, Claire, and the Beautiful Dylan.


all rights reserved



No Touching Denton, Texas

Elana - vox, bass
Philip - vox, guitar
Jesse - Drums

"In 18 years of running [Rubber Gloves]...Ya'll take the fucking cake"

-owner of RGRS

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